Program Offered

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College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)
Bachelor of Arts in  Communication
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
Bachelor of Science in Psychology 

College of Business Administration (CBA)
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
     • Major in Human Resource Development Management
     • Major in Marketing Management
     • Major in Operations Management
Bachelor of Science in Accountancy 

College of Criminal Justice (CCJ)
Bachelor of Science in Criminology 

College of Information Technology and Computer Studies (CITCS)
Bachelor Science in Computer Studies
Bachelor Science in Information Technology
Associate in Computer Technology 

College of Teacher Education (CTE)
Bachelor of Elementary Education
     • Major in Pre-School Education (PSED)
     • Special Education (SPED)
     • General Education (GENED)
Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education
     • Major in Biological Science
     • Major in English
     • Major in Filipino
     • Major in Mathematics
     • Major in MAPEH (Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health)
     • Major in Social Science 

Graduates Studies
Master in Business Administration (MBA)
Master of Arts in Educational Management (MAED)
     • Major in Educational Management
     • Major in Guidance and Counseling
Master in Security and Correctional Administration (MSCA)
Master in Information Technology (MIT)
Master of Science in Criminology

Earning units (CTP)
18 units of Professional Education for graduates of Non-Educating degrees to qualify for the Licensure Examination for Teachers.